Welcome to our Little Corner of the World!

Welcome to our Little Corner of the World!

Friday, October 14, 2016

7 Month Baby Videos

Hey Friends!

So my sweet, precious little girl is SEVEN MONTHS OLD! What the heck! How did that happen?! I seriously feel like I just had her - and yes, I know all mom's say that and it's probably annoying to hear, but it's true! My little girl that was sleeping all day and that was tiny tiny, is now almost crawling, sitting up, chowing baby food and is getting a personality. It's awesome and sad all at the same time that she's growing up.

So anyways, on the occasion of my baby being a seven month old, I have been refreshing my old videography skills and made a couple of videos for and about Annie. It was fun to refresh those skills, and I love that we'll have these forever. So, in case you want to catch some cute moments of little seven month old Annie, here are the two videos:

Sweet Annie - Zac Brown Band

Fallin' For You - Colbie Caillat 
She's a cutie, huh? :)

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

- Rifka

Saturday, October 1, 2016

We Are Maniacs Over Here

Hey Friends and Family!

Fall is here - FINALLY! And it feels SO good! I'm really trying to keep myself in check and trying to hold back on all things pumpkin and sweaters. It's starting to get chilly... but not Sweater-Weather chilly (Cue SNL Sweata-Weatha voice).

I recently had a birthday... and somehow didn't take any pictures of anything at all. BUT, I did get a picture the Sunday after my birthday, so we'll make that one count! It was a good day and I got spoiled by my husband and my family. It was a good way to start off year 24!
So lately I have apparently become crazy, because I have signed up for multiple races... like 4 races within 3 months kind of crazy... I've completed two, and I have two left.

The first race that I did was called Conquer the Gauntlet. It was basically like a Tough Mudder Race, except not as long. I climbed up over walls, swam and ran through muddy water, crawled under barbwire, trenches and climbed up ropes, hay bales, tires and everything else that someone thought of throwing in a field for this race. It was Cray-zee.. but it was also a blast!

This wall was the SHORTEST wall in the whole race. Just go ahead and wrap your head around that... It. Was. CRAZY. 

 This "torpedo" was the last (and finishing) obstacle. It basically was a tower that we had to crawl up, and then go down a tube into a muddy man-made pool. It was actually incredibly refreshing at that point.

 So would I do it again... Yes! It was really hard, and my body was dead and sore for days afterwards, but it was awesome, really empowering and I feel like it woke my body up and jumpstarted it health-wise. It was also so fun because I got to do this with my two sister in laws, Becca and Courtney. It was needed to have each other to encourage each other along the way.
 The other race that I just did was the Chili Pepper 10k Race. The Chili Pepper Race is actually a huge event for all of the Cross Country Teams in the area to earn money for their programs. I did this race when I was in high school and had really fond memories from it, so it was amazing to come and do it again 10 years later, now as a mom with my husband. Again, I also did it with two of my sister in laws, Becca and Courtney. It was nice to have their families cheering us on along the way and then hanging out with them afterwards chowing down some free Mexican Food.

 So, now I have two races left on the docket. From all of this you would probably think I love running. Nope. I tolerate it. But I can tell my attitude towards it is [very] slowly getting more positive - thankfully! :)

Thanks for reading about our lives! We love you guys!

The Jensen