7 Month Baby Videos

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hey Friends!

So my sweet, precious little girl is SEVEN MONTHS OLD! What the heck! How did that happen?! I seriously feel like I just had her - and yes, I know all mom's say that and it's probably annoying to hear, but it's true! My little girl that was sleeping all day and that was tiny tiny, is now almost crawling, sitting up, chowing baby food and is getting a personality. It's awesome and sad all at the same time that she's growing up.

So anyways, on the occasion of my baby being a seven month old, I have been refreshing my old videography skills and made a couple of videos for and about Annie. It was fun to refresh those skills, and I love that we'll have these forever. So, in case you want to catch some cute moments of little seven month old Annie, here are the two videos:

Sweet Annie - Zac Brown Band

Fallin' For You - Colbie Caillat 
She's a cutie, huh? :)

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

- Rifka

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